Thursday, December 4, 2008


Do you have any idea how I feel'

As if my heart was just ripped out.

I actually thought our love was real,

But now I don't know what it's about.

Every day I just feel heartbroken,

With thoughts of you in my head.

If only my heart could've spoken,

'I love you' is what it would've said.

Too bad this feeling won't go away,

No matter how much I want it to.

But in my heart you'll forever stay,

'Cause our friendship is still very true.

I've tried really hard to hate you,

But somehow it just wouldn't work.

Even after everything I went through,

I still don't think you're a jerk.

No matter how much I try to deny,

Our friendship will forever last.

Although sometimes we might lie,

The past will always remain the past.

source: Cathy Chen

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