Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Headbands are back

Headbands are back in fashion again! Used to be worn only by little girls but are now used by teenagers or even women in their 20's. Our generation is just too confident to explore whatever it is that they feel nice and preppy. Well I see nothing wrong it fits your style and feeds your confidence to face people.




It's a lovely day!

Have a great day ahead everyone!

why emo?

emo emo emo... =) say cheeeeeeeesssssssseeee

Monday, July 28, 2008

Flowers for You and Me

I don't know why but flowers have just this distinct effect on me. When I see flowers even in pictures I feel that there's always something new and it reminds me of how wonderful life is - colorful and worthy to love and enjoy.

Just hoping that the sight of this flowers also makes you happy..

Take care everyone!


Like this "emo" look? People have automatically linked the word 'emo' as the short term for emotions. Others have considered this as a way of expressing oneself like in the way they dress up and the way they project themselves. It has actually been the trademark of a number of rock artists and this I think is the reason why it has easily spread all over the world. The influence of the images that this rock artists portray is what a lot of teens emulate nowadays. And as I have observed the common thing among these "emo" people is the color BLACK and their thick eyeliners which would definitely catch your attention. Sometimes when I encounter some of this emo people, I can't help staring at them because I'm just wondering if they still think the way we, ordinary people think. I'm not questioning their sanity or something but it just that they appear too different to me.

How about u? What can you say about emo people?


Hi everyone! I really don't know why but I suddenly felt the urge of writing something in my blog. Maybe I just pitied this because of its bleakness. Moments before, this was nothing but a very simple site. With no color, it wasn't a site to see so I decided to work some changes on it just to see some colors for you not to be bored when you click on my page. So continue viewing blog. I promise to post new entries from this moment on..Take Care Everyone!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

blogging again!

hi everyone! after 3 months, ill start blogging again.. uhmm just wait for the succeeding posts.. after 3 months of non stop school activities.. :)