Saturday, November 29, 2008

I'm Sorry - READ THIS!!!

Does this secret which you hold involve me?

You think you're so bold to avoid me?

I sit alone stareing at the wall
In a daze of what you were thinking

And for the reason of the secret

I lay by myself by the basket ball hoop

woundering if you know how i feel

i stare at the screen of which your name appears

and then I see
Im Sorry

I scream silently to myself

in my head in the back of my mind

I walk to the pond of dried up waters and sit in front of it

holding a notebook and pen

I draw a letter of which I'll never give
And you'll never read my words

I sat them down and pick it up from the black handle

and stare at it as I think to myself

I aim the blade at my upper arm

and stop, frozen from what flashes in my mind

The sight of you drenched in blood

And bathed in scarlet roses

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