Friday, December 12, 2008

Emo Hairstyles

Emo hair styles are one of the hottest teen hair styles today, but what exactly constitutes an emo style and what that style says about the individual are issues that are entirely open for individual interpretation.

What an emo style is varies for each person wearing it, and the exact same style worn by one individual may be an emo look, but if worn by someone else it may be considered goth or punk. In general, however, emo styles do share certain characteristics.

Most emo styles have bangs.
Most emo styles have bangs.
  • Rich, deep colors, such as black or deep brunette shades, often including hair highlights in stark contrasts or unusual shades. Black hair, for example, may be highlighted with white accents, vibrant red streaks, orange tones, or any other shade the individual prefers. At the same time, any color that is bold and vibrant can be considered an emo look, such as white hair with pink or blue accents.
  • Loose styles that typically are not restrained by hair accessories or elaborate coifs. Emotion, after all, cannot be restrained, and most emo styles are loose as well, though heavy hair products may be needed to style the look.
  • Long bangs that may be worn obscuring the eye (left or right is up to the individual’s preference) or swept to the side. Bangs may also be straight across the forehead, but are generally longer than for other hair styles, and not every emo style has bangs.
  • A certain, deliberately messy look that reflects the individual’s personal style. Emo hair styles are popular with teens, and teenage emotions are rarely straightforward and clearly defined. To reflect those emotions, an emo style may be somewhat unruly, and in fact, many teens who wear emo styles will change their look from day to day to reflect their current state of mind.
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