Thursday, September 18, 2008

Nike bends time and space to brand Ernie Davis' shoes

There are those rare brands in the world you know on sight, almost instinctively. Insidious logos that imprinted themselves on your brain before you could speak, that transcend the linguistic and cognitive middle men and lunge directly for your MasterCard as your neurons are still gearing up for "blink." The Golden Arches. The Coca-Cola script. The AT&T Death Star. Uh, MasterCard.

But only one monolithic, world-dominating corporate logo has developed the capability to travel backward in time to imprint itself on people and objects that existed years before its conception. So, the Nike swoosh, created in 1971, showing up on Syracuse's new statue honoring Ernie Davis, who died of leukemia eight years earlier, in 1963, is all just a big mistake, is it?

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source:By Matt Hinton

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