Friday, July 3, 2009

IM in Love

i just want every blogger to know that i really love my hon2! hope i can save a big amount of money,heheh! i would love to visit her every now and then... You know guys, Long distance relationship is really hard.. But because both of us are strong , i know that every thing will be okay, we just need to sacrifice a little and soon we will be enjoying every single moment cause we dont need to separate cuz i can go wherever she goes.. its just a matter of Experience at Work,haha! SO ENOUGH WITH THE EMO THING! i know everythings gonna be okay.. i love her and she loves me and that is all that matters.. :)

p.s thanks for reading my EMO POST...hahah God bless everyone! :) you can also share you love stories here... just post your comments and suggestion..:0 need 2 sleep cuz its already 1am and need to work later.. buhbye...see y'all..-blogger CHino Signing Out... :)

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