Sunday, February 8, 2009

How To Be Emo

Emo is first and foremost a music genre so you need to be involved in the music scene to avoid being called a poser. Learn to play an instrument! Or at least buy one! If you can't play you can always claim to, and you will gain instant credibility by merely owning it. Just take lots of picture of yourself holding it at creative angles to post on the internet. Can't afford a guitar? Write lyrics! Emo poetry can cover a wide range of emotions but focus on the bad ones. Sunshine and lollypops isn't very emo, so be sure to only write when angry or sad. Use poetry as a way of venting your problems. Don't have any problems? Make them up! Complain about how your comfortable suburban life is making you feel disconnected from the real world and disillusioned with life. Keep a bleak outlook on life and soon you will be writing tonnes of emo poetry! The type of bands you listen to strongly reflect on you as an emo. Bands like My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy are a good bet, but it's more credibly to listen to obscure unsigned bands with names like Reservoir Death. If the music is loud and the lyrics are miserable; its emo.
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